It’s all an illusion. Please give us a chance

It’s all an illusion. Please give us a chance

I would, will, and will always be
Grateful for this message to be received and even more so if we may help but one person.
Some of you may think I’m a fraud, some might think I’m wrong, or manic, metally Ill or some kind of crazy conspiracy theorist. Some of you might think I’m flat out crazy.
Each and every one of those things would be true. We all have our own opinions and those opinions are absolutely correct, if that is what you truly believe. as with anything what we believe in the moment is nothing but true because that is the timeline and the current headspace we are choosing to be at. I can’t change anybodies mind, what I can do and what I ask us all to do is to open our minds. Not only to each other’s opinions and thoughts but also to new information in general. Please indulge me for a moment; picture your mind as a tea cup. Now take all the collective knowledge you have, and picture it as the liquid in the cup. It seems full right? Over the course of our lives we are jammed full of information. Some more important than others and some we classify as of the utmost importance and other stuff is just useless. What I ask is that while reading this, do so with a bigger cup. Be willing to add more liquid if needed but at least process the contents passively, without judgement and with an open mind. Do not try and learn anything just see what feels true and what does not.
In regards to my intentions: my intention in writing this is twofold. 1. Career wise. I have no idea how to go about this path but that’s where the true experience lies, eh. Hope this is alright. Not kidding but in all seriousness I believe that I have come into this life with the purpose of helping others awaken to their true selves, the higher self. My mission is to assist those willing to gain, or bring a better or newfound understanding of the incomprehensibly elaborate web that we know as life.
and because we all need to know and gain a better, happier and more content way of thinking about the fact that: The world we live in is not safe, nor easy. Being a human is hard and the human mind differs in how we deal with emotions. On an individual level, but at the same time easily categorized because affliction itself is an umbrella term for hundreds of ailments. Some more ostracized, judged, criticized. At the base level we have been CONDITIONED TO PERCEIVE each “ailment” as more negative, worse than others. The drug addicts and alcoholics should just be…. whatever….the majority of people don’t know what they want, all they know is that they don’t want to deal with it. Out of sight out of mind, separate realities and worst of all every man for themselves. We are all one. We really are, but if that’s too “Spiritual, or religious”, fxcking spooky, whatever excuse we give ourselves to stay in our safe little bubble. Our own little reality, OUR EXPERIENCE OF BEING A HUMAN. WHAT IS METAPHORICALLY DESCRIBED AS OUR PLAYTHROUGH OF THE SIMULATION, OF BEING ___DILLON___. Of being YOU.
The catch 22 is that those people who are asleep, those choosing to be completely unaware that they are but a fragment of their higher self. That they are their own higher power because we are connected to something much more than just ourselves, we’re connected to literally everything. All the while we are conditioned and programmed to believe. HAVE BLIND FAITH IN THE FACT THAT WE ARE JUST HUMANS AND THEN WE DIE. WHY? I’m asking for blind Faith that there IS something more. In order for our message to spread we need blind Faith. But only at first and that I promise. “Trust your feelings Luke, you know it to be true.” Listen to Darth fucking Vader! Listen to your inner self, that feeling with no voice because we’re not being told, we already know.
I’ll mellow out for a second and say this: All that is required, is a baseline level of curiosity. Much more of Humanity needs to start this journey and let me tell you that it is the easiest thing that ANYONE can do, because of the simple fact that we ALREADY KNOW! That connection to who we truly are never went anywhere. Going back to the whole “god” thing. “Uh-Oh I read GOD” this article must’ve been written by some loony hippy, or a religious freak” Humans are afraid of what we do not know. We are also bred to be fearful in general. Scared of fear, that’s what we are. I personally am afraid of deep water.
“But why?”
“Because I don’t know what’s down there.”
My biggest fear when I got curious and asked myself why, was nothing more than a fear of the unknown.
We are bred to be afraid of “what ifs” and “what if nots”

Please let that resonate for a moment

A wise man once said that “you can fail at anything. You will fail in doing things you dislike and you will also fail in the things you love. So why not just do the things you love?”
We have this aversion to the word and the concept of God because
1. We straight up don’t know. At least We think we don’t know. This can be described As a result of many different forces acting upon us. Amnesia is one of the terms we agreed to in order to be again reincarnated on this Earth. (I won’t go into it but am willing to in a later article if that’s something y’all might wanna read about. Please Let me know, either way you can tell me this was way too long and I’m wrong this is crazy. Whatever. if you feel a question or comment come up, don’t be shy….Grammer Nazis be nice, I did try.)

Anywho……Life itself was designed to be hard. Being a human is not easy. Do what I do and ask yourself “but why is it not easy?” The reason we find life so difficult is because we worry about how things are going to come to be.
“I want _____”
“Ok ____ sounds great man!”
“But HOW am I going to ever get _____”
The needing to know of who, what, when, where, why and how is a third dimensional construct. That derives from that thing about the fear of the unknown. I’m sorry to say but Humans are dumb. We don’t trust anything or anyone blindly, those that do get burnt and figure it out themselves. Allow me to pose a question.
I know we all have heard it but it is nailed into our child brains not to trust strangers. Right? And it is right to an extent. My question is that ok, I won’t trust strangers SO WHY AM I ALSO EXPECTED AND GIVEN SUCH LITTLE CHOICE THAT IM SUPPOSED TO NOT TRUST STRANGERS EXCEPT FOR THOSE IN POWER? We are condotioned not to trust our average, fellow man. While at the same time were berated, judged, made fun of, shunned, ignored…fxcking all of the above if we don’t trust the false reality being shoved down our throats. Please for the love of the flying spaghetti
Monster in the sky see the illusion for what it is. Recognize that there are things at play here that may be considered “way too out there man” or “too deep” things that are beyond average human comprehension. The battle of light side vs. dark side is entirely real. To an individual level of light and dark, the struggle between positive and negative thinking. The roller coaster of emotions we all experience. The battle is most certainly happening on a much grander level, an energetic level. The forces that control the world i.e. the tippy top officials of world governments, beings that have lots of influence. The true players in the Monopoly game of Life on Earth. You know what I mean. “I get to be the racecar!” Yes you do my average citizen, you already are bud.

We are in an illusion. I like to say it’s the ultimate cosmic virtual reality simulation. Because I’m a nerd and I like video games.
They ask for blind Faith to keep you asleep. Under their thumb of utter fear and chaos.
I ask you to trust your instincts. Do not try and learn anything from what you hear and read, especially from me. Please trust yourself, listen passively and for what rings true. You will know. And on time see the truth in my saying we are all one and we know all and are all knowing.
Thank you to all you beautiful souls.


Dillon Guay

please at least give this a fair shot. I ask that this message is not perceived as a mere opinion of “Dillon” I was compelled and frankly could not stop myself from sharing this message. I apologize if this article was lengthy, I have a tendency to speak in a roundabout way and I also apologize if this message was all over the place. Any questions, comments, concerns, criticism, you know donations lol yeah right dude. But seriously I’d love to hear feedback and also if I should continue writing and/or make videos? What do you think?
I’m so grateful for all of you and to be here with you.


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