Taking Different Route

Taking Different Route

I was sure about my destination,
But just missed the direct train,
And, the pay off ?
A long wait !!

My mind was dubious —
What to do now ?
It was not ready to lose time.

“If wait,
I’ll have a hassle free ride;
But, will be delayed!
What if the train comes late?
Not in my control after all !

What if I take an alternate route?
Is it there?
Well, it’s existing —
But, would not be hassle free”.

My mind started analysis —
It suggested my inner me :

“Firstly, you need a change over ,
That too within a span of two minutes —
It’s not your comfort zone — remember.

Secondly, the train would be too crowded,
You need to go by standing
And through push n pull
In your next journey.
Mind it, it would be a long journey.
Are you ready for that ?

Yes, if you get through a crowded train,
Sail through the hazards,
And most importantly,
Manage to get off through crowd,
You can reach your destination,
That too by saving time.
But comfort will not come your way.
Are you ready? “

My inner me took a pause;
Thought a while —
And, decided to go for alternate;
After all, the destination will remain same !!

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