In all complexity, let’s make love the most simple

In all complexity, let’s make love the most simple

In life, when you are still alive, and you love someone so much, there happens to have moments when you stop or fail to realize the extent of your love for that person. The everyday moments take so much out of you that the other person is being taken for granted and every little emotion which was once so precious for you starts to be a yet another expression in those 24 hours. This is where the thought and need comes to question yourself as to how well is the relationship growing? Are you taking care of the relationship? Are you nurturing it well, individually as well as together or are you just surviving and taking it forward day after day?

One must make sure to continue asking these to one self quite often. It is a healthy introspection and there’s nothing wrong. If you are criticizing yourself, not liking yourself for this complete feeling, having a guilt of not giving your 100% to the relation at a particular point, trust me it is better than not realizing it all, before it’s too late. Once you are aware, go for it and bring what it takes to feel that change; the change and newness that both of you can sense.

When you know that you are the most special gift of God for the other person, don’t let him feel wrong about his thought. If you are his dream come true, don’t wake him up from his most beautiful sleep because such dreams are to be cherished forever and so are the people who see them, both, with opened and closed eyes.

Every relationship is not the same. Each has different circumstances and hence should not be, rather can’t be compared ever. Stop doing that mistake when it comes to yours. Just live each moment of it in the most awesome way possible, no matter what. Whenever you think about it today, remind yourself that the next time you visualize you should see a new spark in it which would better than the previous and then another one, better than this and yet another and it just goes on. Always focus on yourself, make yourself happy, check your partner then, finally focus on each other as one. If this complete package is your happiness in life, live every second of it irrespective whether the person is in front of you physically or not. Know and feel it so deep and strong that the person of your dreams is right there inside of you as you, as your soul. Believe me it’s not that tough also. Embrace your lives together, own them for each other and then you shall never have any problem to let each other be the happiest.

Physical presence is important in a relation but to the extent of the level of your need for the other person. There shall be times when you have physical desires, I am sure you would need that person. You might want a warm hug from him and wish to be held tight for hours together. The physical presence would be to talk your heart out in front of him when the times go blue. Those would be times you would want him to be next to you, holding your hand, shoulder offered for hours and life. It would be to celebrate the most special moments with him and make some of the most beautiful memories for life and beyond. But when it does not happen, hold off from concluding that the relation is not the perfect one. You are wrong. If your loved one is not with you or around you, know that yours is just a different relationship. With those set of constraints you need to make it colorful for each other. If surprises can’t be worked the way you wished they should have, do not get depressed or go negative about your relation but know that it would have its right time. If things can’t be controlled the way you plan, stop thinking its lack of working out and start making a new plan for you two. Start reminding yourself that every day is a birthday, every night shall be the first night, every long drive is the most mind-blowing adventure you have had in the past, every meal is better than the previous one. Whenever it happens celebrate it just the way you had planned. Keep yourself forever ready because life surprises you in numerous forms and then you should not regret that you are not prepared. (giggles).

Remember every word the person you love expresses. So when he says that live every moment in the most loved way, do it with all your heart and soul because you are soul for him, the reason for those surreal smiles, the motivation for him to be the best always, his urge and desire, aspiration and inspiration, need as well as want, girl and the woman; for him you are a life that he lives. When this happens, I am sure you realize, you cannot take someone’s life. You cannot murder a soul alive. You are only supposed to love and be loved because you are no more yours but forever for him to hear and shout his heart out that “yes my life, you are forever mine, till eternity”.

Life is to give and when you give your 100%, multi folds of it will come back to you in ways you would not have even imagined. So forever love, forever cherish the person who loves you more than anything and anyone because such angels from the almighty are tough to find. Once you realize you have been gifted with these souls know for yourself and be proud that you are blessed one, you are the chosen one. You are the one under his shelter, you shall always be loved by God and his angel on earth.

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