When our families don’t accept us for who we are.

When our families don’t accept us for who we are.

We always want to be accepted by our family.
We seek for validation from our mother’s and father’s as a child.
We expect them to love us unconditionally.
We have brother’s or sister’s, and we think we are going to all be best friends until the end.
But as you get older you realize that just isn’t the case.
You realize that you have more in common with a stranger on the bus than you do with your first cousin.
You are moved by your best friends endless support, no matter what struggles you’ve encountered.
And the yearning is there, the yearning to be accepted by your blood family.
You want the to accept you for the weirdo that you are.
You want them to just take a look at the art you created.
You want them to just for once take into consideration that you are worth the acknowledgement.
You wait and wait, and years pass by.
It never comes. All the while you have other admires appreciating who you are. Loving who you are for just being authentically you.
We have to stop and remember that we don’t get to choose the families we are born to.
But we get to choose to start our own soul family. There are communities everywhere like here at power of positivity just waiting to be there for you. We are truly never alone. And as much as we desperately want our families approval, we must remind ourselves that not everyone will walk on the same path.
Besides, the only approval you need is the one you give to yourself.

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