How to Experience the Power of Personal Growth Development

How to Experience the Power of Personal Growth Development

Life as we know it isn’t worth living if you don’t have a goal in front of yourself. That goal doesn’t have to be as clear as you think. It is okay not to see the bigger picture yet, but it is not good to live a life that is easier.

Remember that a simple path is often the wrong one. Today’s topic is pretty much about that – life choices, goals and personal development.

What is Personal Learning and Development?

Personal growth and development is a path of improvement. That growth is connected to the activities that better your intellect, your awareness, turn your talent into skill, etc. The goal is to improve your strengths, which will lead to your overall rise of character and which will be improving memory and quality of your life.

That’s the true goal here. To be recognized as someone important and succeed in life you must first develop individual skills for it. Using hard work as your friend, you can turn your talent into skill, and if you keep on pushing, you could create something great. Talent alone can’t get you anywhere.

The more you get into your personal development and into learning more about yourself, the more you will find a hidden strength that you didn’t know you have. You can use that strength, for example, for depression treatment.  It is all connected. You improve your skills, you develop your will, you improve your character which will improve your mental strength, and that’s your defensive mechanism.

So, for all that, you need a self-development plan.

What is a Self-Development Plan?

A self-development plan’s definition is easy enough to understand. You already know it from the name. It is an idea that you make that will lead you to your accomplishment of your goals. I will give you some basic tips on how you can create one, but you must remember always to abandon the plan.

Okay, here is how you can start.

The self-development plan can fit in three questions:

What do you want?
Why do you want it?
How do you plan on accomplishing it?

Things that you must consider when writing down your master plan are these:

What is your life purpose – You have to put some thought into it. Think about your talents, think about what you like and would like to do in life. That’s a good start, just focus on that and write it down.
What are your dreams – Every single one of us, at some point in their lives, had a dream, or still do. Remember, that dream doesn’t necessarily have to stay a dream. Feel free to make multiple dream-like goals.
What are your beliefs – Ask yourself about what you stand for? Do you have some principles? Do you have a good sense of right and wrong? Ask yourself that and write it all down.

Next steps come later. Once you have written everything with care and thought you might proceed. Don’t be afraid of the time it takes. Big things take time! This is your life we are talking about. So, if you figured everything out, you can move on to the next.

Goals – Now it’s time to finding some goals. It sounds like we are going shopping, but it isn’t. Read everything that you have already written, read it out loud and think. What is that ultimate goal you want to accomplish? Once you got a clear picture, create small steps towards that goal, or simply put, create smaller goals that will lead to the big one.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

Milestones –If you have done this you are ready. Remember to focus on the little ones first and go! Attack those goals head on and give yourself some credit when they start falling.


This is the general idea of creating your self-development plan. It is proven that writing down your goals will help you accomplish them. A study by Harvard MBA shows just that.

Also, what they noticed is that before graduation almost 84% of students had set no goals at all, 13% had set some goals but didn’t have a concrete plan, and only 3% did. Those numbers are frightening because it makes me feel like people are studying hard only to make their parents proud or to accomplish someone else’s goal. The reason for this could be fear or could be laziness; however, those excuses cannot stand in your way!

A similar study conducted by Static Brain shows almost the same results. People don’t take this seriously and don’t make concrete plans for their future. Don’t be one of them! If you want something in life, you have to work for it. Now that you know the way don’t waste your time and work.

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