The Positive Side of Anxiety

The Positive Side of Anxiety

Although having anxiety affects me every moment of every day, I wouldn’t be who I am without it, and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Anxiety doesn’t always have to be viewed as a negative trait because there are some positive characteristics that come with having anxiety. I’m learning how to turn some of my anxious qualities into strength and it has created a powerful impact in my life.

Those with anxiety are deep thinkers, therefore making them great problem solvers. We are always considering every scenario and planning how to handle each.
Although we doubt how smart we are, people with anxiety are highly intelligent because they’re constantly thinking and creatively problem solving.
We often overcompensate for how uncomfortable we feel by making sure others always feel loved and accepted. Doing this somehow eases our anxiety, knowing the ones around us are comfortable even though we may not be.
People with anxiety tend to be modest because we typically fear other people’s opinions so we never want to over-sell ourselves. Although this is stressful it keeps us humble and grounded at the same time.
Since being late is never an option, those with anxiety tend to be on time if not early. We always check the traffic, map out the route, and leave well ahead of time just in case something happens along the way to ensure we’re punctual.
People with anxiety are often workaholics because we have this fear of failure that comes with our anxiety. We are always driven to succeed because we feel like anything less than our best is unacceptable.
Anxiety is a huge driving force and we often try to overcompensate for how mentally out of control we feel, by physically trying to control the things around us. This keeps us very driven for the things we want in life because we won’t stop until we get there.

Anxiety has pushed me to achieve what I want in life and it’s given me the motivation to go after it. I choose to view my anxiety as a gift and I continually work to use it as a strength.

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