Think and make choices

Think and make choices

Now a days we all spend atleast an hour in travelling while comuting from home to office and office to home. We all spend close to 200 hours in a year in our travelling.

200 hours are really huge in numbers. There are two ways to spend this time.

One is to spend this time in day dreaming, social media scrolling and observing all the non productive and useless information in our brain.

And second is to use our time into productive things. We can read our favourite book, we can listen to our favourite audio books and speeches.

The first option may give us short term pleasures but in the long term we would feel regretful and cheated by ourself.

Second option is little difficult to implement. But trust me if we implement it in our life, we end up converting our non productive time into more learning, more knowledge and result oriented mind.

Thinks and make choices.

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