The many ways of Meditating

The many ways of Meditating

There are many ways of meditating and I am learning and studying them regularly. Each type of meditation allows you to delve into knowing yourself deeper. My biggest question was what to focus on, and basically how to think about and create the changes in my life ,that I was meditating on. I have been buying the Deepak Meditations and keeping them on my phone and IPad . This helps me to concentrate and see frequent change by repeating these meditations, when I need it. So in fact I have created my own little area of peace in the hectic life that we all live. So what are some different ways of meditating? Well, I have found Vipasana meditation a very good type of meditation as it focuses on breathing. There is Yoga that often asks you to breath during the physical meditation to acheive ultimate mental and physical relaxation. While “ hot yoga” sessions is a phenomenal way of exercising, by doing the yoga slowly and not changing the environment with extremes is important. Changing your environment focusing on your balance is important. Resting is key to a good exercise in yoga. So finding a good group that bring good energies is also a good key. Lastly finding out about and keeping up to date with new ways to meditate while balancing yourself is key to survival.

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