Taking on Avant-Garde Art

Taking on Avant-Garde Art

Avant-Garde is a principle which is not at all popular among conventional artists. Many players in the past have expressed their serious contempt towards the style because they believe that anything new, modern and an extension of one’s subjective cultural beliefs would not be a true representation of art. For this reason, avant-garde art was not considered to be the “ideal work” and viewers had mixed judgments and opinions about it.

However, some artists have dared to project the particular style of art in a progressive way which has helped improve the reputation and image of their particular styles as they leap forward to produce avant-garde art. It is often claimed that art has no boundaries and this is exactly the belief which continues to inspire some of the greatest work by artists which is unique in fashion.

Different forms of art have taken birth and rose to the mainstream spectrum just because the creators believed in finding possibilities and working their way around it. One exuberant example of avant-garde art has to be Infinite Universe Art led by A. Gregg Pader. This artist has phenomenally incorporated the avant-garde aesthetic and it may well be said that his best work has come to the surface after he sought to create it around the particular style. The artist’s benchmark revolves around centering his work to “universe”. His paintings are inspired by specific designs and vectors which reminds you of the universe. The basic idea he tries to portray is that “universe is infinite”.

A. Gregg Pader has put up a remarkable explanation of his work. His words simply stand true to the aesthetic which he moves forward with him. He writes: “In my current Series One, I am presenting my own theory that there has been created an INFINITE number of universes. Our own universe is unique with its own set of physical laws different from the next universe-and there are, in my belief, billions perhaps trillions of different universes. I am not a scientist and have no scientific proof of my theory, but as an artist, I can only present my idea through my creations. So in my paintings, each panel is depicting a unique universe. But if you can go deeper in that line of thought, now imagine even the tiniest dot in my paintings as a symbol for a universe as vast as our own.”

It is true that most successful artists try to depict a deep meaning underlying in their work. It is an aesthetic which requires practice and skill to master. Artists who benefit from a vivid imagination tend to portray it in the best forms and their work stands out in terms of how well they can weave a deep meaning with art. Such a tradition is popular among artists who are always keen about incorporating a larger perspective and deeper context in their art. It started from Leonardo da Vinci, went on to A. Gregg Pader and continues to be refined in its form today.

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