Stained Teeth – to Treat or Not to Treat?

Stained Teeth – to Treat or Not to Treat?

Sometimes parents see strange white stains on their kids’ teeth. This is a sign of a problem with their teeth that is often underestimated. Parents see those stains and do nothing. They don’t even think that it’s necessary to visit a pediatric dentist in such cases.

Such a careless attitude will definitely have serious issues requiring treatment in the future. That’s why if you see such stains on your child’s teeth –you need to visit a kids dentist as soon as you can because the disease is already developing in your child’s mouth.

So, what do those stained teeth actually mean? There can be various reasons for their appearance and all of them are dangerous.

1. The beginning of the tooth decay. This white stain appears on the demineralized part of enamel and means that the process has begun. The enamel is getting softer and shaggier in those places, loses its natural shine and differs much from the healthy part of the tooth.

2. Fluorosis. We were speaking about demineralization above but in a case with fluorosis, the things are completely different. This disease develops because of the excess of fluoride in the child’s organism. It has various forms and if not treated can damage the other organs of the body and even lead to the cancer development.

3. Enamel Hypoplasia. It appears because of dysfunction of the body’s metabolism. It is can also be characterized by the abnormal shape of teeth, places where the enamel is completely missing.

Getting rid of those stains means the determination of the disease that has caused their appearance. If the reason is tooth decay, it must be treated even if the teeth are primary. If the reason is fluorosis, the consumption of this element requires medical control.

Unfortunately, enamel hypoplasia is not curable, but it can be treated symptomatically and the enamel can be rebuilt with the help of composite materials in a cosmetic dentistry clinic.

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