Science, Magic Or Just Wishful Thinking

Science, Magic Or Just Wishful Thinking

The power of positive thinking, prayer and the Law of Attraction. Are they actually the same principles? And do they really work or is it just wishful thinking?  Which is it?

Positive psychology (or positive thinking) works because it keeps you “positive” that you can work your way through anything. We all know or have met some really optimistic, upbeat people. They’re happy, seem to have an easy life and others are drawn to them.

But if you tend to be more negative, those people can be very irritating to you. No matter how they affect you though, you have to admit that their life seems to be a lot easier than your’s does. And you’ve probably asked yourself, what do they have that I don’t? What they have is optimistic trust. Trust in themselves, trust that they can control or at least manage their circumstances and trust that they’ll find a way to make things work out. And they always do.

So what does that have to do with prayer and the Law of Attraction? They both rely on positive thinking and trust, too. With prayer, you optimistically believe in a higher power and you trust that it’s available to help you do good things in your life. In other words, you focus on trying to be a good person (positive thoughts and actions) trusting that your God will help and support you in seen and unseen ways.

The Law of Attraction is the same thing. It’s not any more mystical than prayer. It’s believing that there is some universal life force or energy that we all have a born connection to and that we can utilize, once we know how. It’s believing that if you can keep yourself in a more positive frame of mind, you can align yourself with this higher energy and then utilize it to improve your life. It’s trusting and optimistic, just like prayer or positive thinking.

But is it just wishful thinking? You might be surprised to find out that it isn’t wishful thinking it all. It’s actually been scientifically proven that our thoughts are pure energy and can, in fact, influence our physical surroundings.
Energy is energy, whether it’s in a solid form that we can see and feel or it’s in an intangible form, such as x-rays.  You can’t physically see x-ray beams. But you know they exist and can penetrate through a physical body, showing you what’s on the inside. X-rays are just a highly focused beam of energy that produce a physical image that we can then see and touch.

Your thoughts are the same. And you can choose, control and direct them any way you want to. But it’s more than just what you think. It’s also the emotions behind those thoughts. In other words, positive thoughts, combined with positive emotions, produce positive results. The opposite is also true. Negative thoughts combined with negative emotions (fear, anger, lack, etc.) produce negative results. That’s why drama queens always experience more drama. They think self-defeating thoughts of gloom and doom and that’s exactly what they create. While predominantly positive people tend to have much better circumstances and outcomes.

So wishful thinking? Not when it’s combined with positive, empowering emotions. Magic? Nope. As previously stated, it’s been scientifically proven through quantum physics that thoughts and emotions are pure energy and can be controlled, focused and used to subtly manipulate your reality.  And that’s really all that prayer, positive psychology and the Law of Attraction are. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it. It all works and it all gets you positive results. As long as you believe it will. And why wouldn’t you believe it? The evidence is all around you. Just like x-rays. You don’t need to know how it works. All you need to do is accept and trust that it does.

If you don’t believe me, then just test it. Let yourself get really worked up into a foul mood and then see how your day goes. I can guarantee that when you’re in that frame of mind and emotional state, you’re going to have a bad day. Even the easiest things will seem much more difficult. And forget about trying to solve a major problem successfully. It’s not gonna happen. Why? Because you’re too focused on the problem and not even thinking about possible solutions. You don’t trust that there even is a solution. You’re the exact opposite of optimistic trust.

Now try getting into a more positive frame of mind; feeling relaxed, optimistic and happy. Your day goes so much more smoothly. Even if you have a problem to solve, coming up with a solution is much easier, right? So why wouldn’t you want to approach your whole life like that? It feels a whole lot better than being stuck in lack, fear or anger doesn’t it?

That’s why we say change your perspective, change your reality. It only sounds like some kind of woo-woo magic, wishful thinking or blind faith because they didn’t cover using the invisible energy of positive thoughts, emotions or prayer in science class. But anyone can do it once they learn how. So find yourself a mentor who can teach you.

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