Protecting Your Amazing!!!

Protecting Your Amazing!!!

It has been one of those days. Trying to stay positive, trying to keep going, loving my life, then- BAM!!! Fear creeps in, and it is so hard to let go. We all go through it, that “I’m not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough” feeling.

I have gotten better with grace and self-love recently. I was (and still struggle with this at times) the super critical, hard as can be, mean girl kinda “self”. I would give everyone and their sister grace, however, myself… no room for error. The stress and anxiety was real, and it latched into areas of my life in ways I had never even thought of. It put a damper on my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my home life, and housekeeping, it was all a mess.

I have been doing a lot of deep inner work, working on loving myself, working on realizing that the amazingness I see in those around me, is also in me. Realizing, I was put on this Earth for a reason, I have a purpose and a goal to fulfill in this world.

While the path is different for everyone, let me give you all a couple of ideas on how to start living your amazingness right now.
Stop, and take a look around you.
Sometimes we forget to look at all the beauty around us. Look at your family, friends, home, job… all the things that, even if they feel imperfect at times, are still something to be grateful for. Stopping, breathing, and realizing that just as much as the glass is half empty, it is also half full.

Be Thankful.
It can be so hard to shake the negativity of our lives when we are deep in the trenches of life. The pace and demand society places on us can drive us to work harder, faster, longer all the while we are dying inside everytime we fall short of perfection. Taking the time to be thankful for what we have, helps to turn that draining frustration into a deep love and appreciation for life. Write down 15 things you are Thankful for every day, it’s a game changer.
Find Your Tribe.
Humans crave social interactions, it is part of how we survived for so long. When we find those people who lift us up, and keep us focused on the good, it is beyond amazing. Find people who understand you, who get what you want in life, and who are willing to be both a positive driving force in your life as well as an accountability buddy to keep you on track with where you want to go in life. It may take a while to find these people, but when you find them, you know, and you cherish every moment spent with them.

It can be hard to keep positive when society drags us down so much of the time. Follow these ideas to help turn around your unhappy days and find your amazing!!!

What do you do to keep your amazing from being pummeled by negativity???


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