Not So Fast, Wonder Woman

Not So Fast, Wonder Woman

When trying to be like Wonder Woman doesn’t work out exactly as planned…
Today was one of those days. Well, actually it started last night. I was having a problem with my electricity all through the house. Naturally, I called Xcel and had a serviceman come out. After checking the lines, he told me the problem was somewhere inside the house and there was nothing he could do (they’re only responsible for the power lines outside) and that I would have to call an electrician.
While I understood the policy, I still looked him straight in the eye and asked, “So you’re just going to leave me like this?!” Not exactly a hardship as the guy was seriously hot! But I digress. Anyway, Mr. Light Me Up! hesitated for a moment and then proceeded to go above and beyond and at least temporarily fix my problem. Yay! Now I could sleep in peace knowing my house wasn’t in imminent danger of burning down from an electrical fire.
So when I woke up this morning, I optimistically assumed that everything would just fall into place the way I needed it to, again. Yes, I knew I would have to have my electrician come out. Yes, I knew I was also having people come out to assess my house for solar power installation (the irony!), as well as having 5 hours of coaching sessions to do. Pfft! No problem. I can do all of that, flawlessly.
Mm-hmm… Not so fast, Wonder Woman. Could I do all of that “flawlessly”? Of course. If I was the only one involved, that is. But what I failed to factor in was the cooperation of the other two beings in the house. Namely my sweet, innocent Angel dog, who loves everyone and just wants to play and my other Demonic Diva dog, who’s afraid of everything and even barks hysterically at me, when I enter a room. Never mind how she completely loses her shit with strangers! All of which triggers my angel puppy, which results in a dog fight, which triggers me. Imagine a continuous eight hour loop of this drama. Epic fail!
Or was it? Yes, I had mass pandemonium all day long. Yes, it was incredibly challenging to get stuff done. But I did it anyway (even though I was gritting my teeth half of the time). Through it all, I never let go of my determination, my confidence that I would get through it and my trust that no matter how aggravating it all was, that it would all work out in the end.
And that’s exactly what happened. In a really spectacular way! My electrician came for what we thought was one problem, but turned out to be many additional problems, as well. If he had charged me, it would’ve cost me almost a thousand dollars. And I would’ve gratefully paid that, but he refused to take my money. Then the solar people said they think they can get the project approved and paid for by the city, so that won’t cost me a thing, either. And I was able to help all of my coaching clients make big strides in their own lives, too. Wins all the way around!
So, the moral of this story is that, as long as you can manage to hold on to some semblance of inner calm, no matter how tenuous it may be and just keep focused on whatever it is you want or need to accomplish, you will find a way.
I trusted everything would get done and that I would get what I needed. And that’s exactly what happened. Yes, it cost me some aggravation. But staying the course paid off, big time! Through it all, I kept telling myself that it would all work out and just trusted that it would.
If I can do it, so can you. So when being Wonder Woman doesn’t exactly work out as planned, just take a deep breath and keep going. Remember to trust in yourself, trust in your ability to rise above the challenges and remember that you’re in control, even when it doesn’t really feel like it.
Just celebrate your strengths, lighten up and smile at the craziness of it all and appreciate how things still seem to come together in the end. Wake up every morning expecting it all to work out, even when you don’t know how. Because in the end, it always does.
And if you happen to have a Demonic Diva dog too, who has a tendency to have a total meltdown at the worst possible time, may I suggest getting a Xanax prescription? You can either give one to the dog or just take it yourself… Kidding, of course. Don’t do that. I’m not sure if it’s good for dogs…

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