I Said Yes!

I Said Yes!

Hold on ladies, hold on with congratulations, I did not get engaged or married yet. I did something greater than that, I married myself. Let me elaborate before you jump to any sort of conclusions and think I went kuku in my contemplations.

I am a huge, humongous fan of TedTalks, which I recommend to all of you precious minds. The other day I came across Tracy McMillan and her fantastic story – please watch it here ( ). Frankly speaking one of the most humane, crudely honest and admiring story I have ever witnessed. A story of self discovery and appreciation.

We all live with a secret hope. A hope that one day we will get the dream job, perfect spouse, beautiful apartment, etc. etc. This one day…only if we can be patient and accepting enough to get to this one day, only if… This one day is going to come and we will finally feel fulfilled, complete and game over. I sincerely don’t want to break your heart my dear reader and I am sure you know the truth as much as I do – this day gotta become every day. Hope, ambition, courage and tenacity are eminent ingredients for the “dreams come true” elixir. Here comes the huge BUT : Do we really need to wait for that “one day”? Can we refocus and see, touch, feel how much we already have?

Following Tracy’s confession I explored areas in my life that make me feel incomplete. These vicious sources of low self esteem and lack of self appreciation. We all would agree that a job does not define an individual but is this a thought we put in practice? Every time we meet a new individual we are conditioned to ask The “What Do You Do? Question” which automatically labels our conversationalist and sends a signal to our brain to react and build a dialogue based on mutual benefits to be derived rather than explore a meaningful subject. I wonder how many times we have missed the opportunity of discovering someone’s amazing life story, being blinded by the mutual benefit premises for a conversation?

This article contains such a powerful message that it took me 2 sittings to write it out and translate it into meaningful content for you. I trust the natural inspiration when writing yet on this occasion I needed time to chew on the “A-ha” moment. All of a sudden I accepted that the only person that will always be around is “me” thus accepting who I am is the most important transitional step I would take in my life. Therefore I took a deep breath, went into the deepest dark to vow the below.

“ I, Mariana, take you, Mariana, to be my everything, my whole. To have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and triumph, to love and to cherish, till death do us part”.

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