How To Dismantle The Crippling Pangs Of Rejection & Gain Liberation Of Body, Soul, & Spirit

How To Dismantle The Crippling Pangs Of Rejection & Gain Liberation Of Body, Soul, & Spirit

Have you ever experienced rejection? I have.

With my father already out of the picture, my biological mother gave me up to a coworker at the local diner when I was only a few days old. Later, at the age of 4 1/2 and without explanation, that family returned me to my mom.

Unfortunately, she was far too absorbed in her own unmet needs to find purpose in fulfilling those of her child. Her interest in me was transitory and typically overshadowed by resentment – the life of a single parent is challenging, after all. My mere presence compromised her personal life, proving her quest for love to be a quest in vain.

Much to my disappointment, I found Rejection lurking at the doorstep of many life stages. While still in my naivete, I had hoped to arrive to a place in life where Rejection held no ground. Of course, no such place exists.

Rejection is a fascinating foe and particularly keen at administering pain. It cannot, after all, operate independent of another. Perhaps that’s the rub of Rejection – it has to come through someone and, as a result, feels remarkably personal at every encounter. Is that why it’s sting seems to last a lifetime?

I’ve lived nearly 4 decades in the company of this adversary and, thus, come to know it well. Let me unveil it’s most guarded secret…it doesn’t know you.

Rejection’s sentiments, in truth, betray nothing of your value or worth. Rather, they expose the inner torment of the one resigned to deliver Rejection’s message.

What does it say of someone that they’ve yielded themselves to these administrations? Can the appraisal of such an individual be trusted?

When someone forsakes you, rest assured they never knew you.

When confronted with magnificent opportunity, Rejection’s former sentiments seem to arrest perspective. We diligently replay the broken record of false accusation and fallacious assessment and, as a result, progress halts, our knees buckle, and opportunity threatens to pass by.

What if we choose differently next time? What if we choose to pay little mind to these untruths that plague our progress?

Every time we yield to Rejection’s whisper, we strengthen its resolve and weaken our own.

Personally, I’ve come to a place of deliberate disregard for Rejection and its message. You might say that I’ve elected to reject Rejection and I invite you to do the same.

As you know, I’ve recently embarked on a new venture. I’ve engaged the boundless digital economy as a first-time online business owner.

Rejection said that I didn’t have it in me. It said that success would elude me. Rejection was wrong.

Don’t let Rejection’s flawed assessment hold you back from the infinite possibilities inherent in you. Live your destiny. Live the richly rewarding life for which you were intended by fearlessly confronting the lies of this faithful foe.

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