Healthy Tips For Entrepreneurs to be More Creative At Work

Healthy Tips For Entrepreneurs to be More Creative At Work

You know how it is when you’re running your own business, your business is your baby and you spend literally every waking moment tending to it.  Obviously, you want your business to be a success and that means putting all of your creative energy into it.  But that energy is not an endless supply and if you keep pushing yourself you run the risk of burning out, which won’t help you or your “baby”.  So what’s a hardworking entrepreneur to do?  How can you stay healthy and keep those creative juices flowing?

One of the best tips for maintaining a healthy approach to work may be the hardest of all for most of us to follow: unplug.  In this age of electronics we’re all constantly connected but sometimes in order to spark your creativity, you need to put down that tablet or park that phone.  Disconnecting every so often can actually help to alleviate stress, which in turn can allow you to tap into your creative side.

Another great idea for boosting creativity is getting your body moving.  As you exercise, your blood gets flowing and your stress level decreases as your energy level increases.  Getting out of the office entirely for a walk or a run is a great idea but if you can’t get away you can still get moving with some exercises right at your desk or even by using an under-desk elliptical or a good quality compact or folding treadmill.  It’s a quick and easy way to get yourself motivated and re-energize.

Exercising isn’t the only thing you can do at your desk to relieve stress.  Meditation and yoga are a great way to ease tension, settle your mind and melt away the problems of the day.  And when you’re running your own business, those problems can seem to add up quickly.  But just an hour to yourself to stretch, relax and refocus can make a huge difference when it comes to sparking creativity.

Of course, creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so another good way to keep the juices flowing is by making sure you’re mixing with others.  Whether you’re bouncing ideas off of staff or just getting out and socializing, interacting with others can help you to come up for air and replenish your energy.  As much as you might feel the need to be constantly fretting over your business, sometimes walking away for a few minutes can be a good thing.  You know what they say about a watched pot.  If you give yourself some time off, you can get your business “boiling” that much faster.

In order for you to give your all to your business, you have to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.  Eating right is always important as that will provide you with fuel you need to keep your engine going. Then you’ll be able to turn around and put that energy back into your work, so both you and your business will be reaping the benefits.  Make sure you avoid things like processed sugar, carbs and excess caffeine, all of which may give you a spurt of energy but will leave you bottoming out in the long run.

Another vital part of staying healthy so that you can give your best to your business is making sure that you get the right amount of sleep.  Sleeping allows us to recharge our batteries and start each new day refreshed and ready to focus.  As an entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to let the stress of running your business get the best of you and that can keep you from getting the sleep you need.  Take the time each night to wind down and allow yourself to rest so that you can get a deep sleep.  You’ll wake up feeling better and have a renewed creative flow.

Nothing can equal the feel of running your own successful business and if that’s what you’re aiming for then make sure you do everything you can to keep your creative juices flowing.  It’s far too easy to lose sight of yourself when you’re so focused on your business, but you need to find a balance between the two.  And remember, sharing ideas is what creativity and productivity is all about so if you have any thoughts about how to stay healthy and spark creativity, let us know in the comments below.

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