Five Therapeutic Aspects of Sewing

Five Therapeutic Aspects of Sewing

Sewing used to be a vital skill for at least one member of a household. As the production of clothing in factory increased, sewing has rapidly dropped in popularity.

Today, there is a renewed interest in this craft, with sewing clothes being a skill that many people put to good use. What’s even better is that sewing can be a powerful therapeutic tool and an artistic outlet at the same time.

1. Sewing Promotes a Positive Mindset

Finding useful tips on how to use a sewing machine is easy. There are many resources online and books that offer helpful hints. You’ll be able to find plenty of ways to get started with your sewing machine once you start looking for them.

In addition to being a social activity, sewing boosts self-esteem – it makes people feel gain trust in their abilities when they see something they’ve made come to life.

It instills the so-called ‘creator’s pride’ and gives them the confidence they need to create personalized gifts for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even their pets.

Having a hobby to turn to during stressful times is soothing. You may even find that you enjoy sewing enough to make it your business. Etsy is a handmade marketplace full of talented artisans and crafters who love to do things like sewing clothes for dogs and cats.

2. Humdrum Behavior Can Be a Form of Meditation

University of Waterloo researchers found that just ten minutes a day of mindfulness meditation can help calm symptoms of anxiety.

The adult coloring book craze has helped experts see the value in repetitious behavior. Crafts such as knitting and sewing require people to sit quietly and focus on the task at hand.

In mindfulness meditation, knowing how to control your breath is vital. With sewing, it’s the placement of stitches, the movement of the fabric, as it passed through the machine, and the project coming together piece by piece, is similar in nature to meditation. It’s calming for some people who seldom get time to sit down and do something they really enjoy.

You can make this experience even more enjoyable by listening to music and drinking hot tea at the same time as you sew through your pattern. Studies have found both activities to be very beneficial in reducing stress and inflammatory processes in the body.

For example, a song by the Marconi Union named “Weightless” was played in a 2016 study and had favorable results by helping participants slow their heart rate, lower their blood pressure, and reduce the amount of cortisol.

3. Helping Animals in Need Does the Giver and the Receiver Good

As an old saying goes, ‘It feels good to do good.’ When a person invests his time and energy in a greater cause, wonderful things happen to them, both physically and mentally.

They fulfill a need in their community that otherwise wouldn’t be addressed, and that feels, from a mental standpoint, that’s the point where happiness happens.

They also reap the rewards of charitable giving by feeling important and physically benefitting from the connection they have with animals.

A moving story published in the NPR shows that even Florence Nightingale knew how beneficial that adopting an abandoned animal is more than doing your fair share of charity work – it altogether improves your mental health.

4. Sewing Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Sewing can improve certain cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination. Creating a garment, a quilt or even a tote bag requires a high amount of precision. One wrong measurement can force a seamster to rip out stitches and start a project all over again.

The more a person sews, the more they exercise their hand-eye coordination. This is yet another benefit of sewing clothes for pets that people need to consider because it helps them both physically and mentally.

5. Your Heart Rate Slows Down After You’ve Done Something You Enjoy

According to a study published on Positive Medicine, participants who engaged in a sewing project had a drop in heart rate to 11 beats per minute after finishing their last stitches. This exercise, helped them level their blood pressure and perspiration rate as well.


In general, sewing has more health benefits than one can count. It provides warmth to animals physically and gives the seamster a sense of purpose.

Even more, it’s a great pastime that benefits both the body and the mind, all the more reason why people of all ages should take up sewing in their spare time.

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