Features Men Can’t Resist in Women

Features Men Can’t Resist in Women

There are many physical features men find hard resisting in women, but here are a few that most men will agree with.

Women who do not have these features, don’t fret. What’s on the inside is much more important, and a good man knows that already.
Here’s our list of what makes ladies irresistible to men:
1. Waist-to-hip ratio
Ladies, it’s time you stop worrying about your butt getting too big, because men can’t get enough of it. It’s not just rap artists who have an appreciation for a perfectly round behind; it’s the majority of men. But before you let yourself go completely in an attempt to grow your rear-end, keep in mind that proportions matter.

In fact, it’s not about just having a big butt – it’s about your waist-to-hip ratio. Scientists have found that men are most attracted to women who have a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio (meaning that the waist is 70% the size of the hips). As the ratio climbs to 0.8 and 0.9, the curves become less prominent. The ratio applies to women of all sizes; you can be big or petite – an hourglass figure works like a drug on men. Someone like Rihanna or Beyoncé may be considered more voluptuous than Mila Kunis or Jessica Alba, and yet they all have a waist-to-hip ratio of around 0.7.

Researchers have studied what makes women, and even though ‘hot women’ were generally heavier in the past, they still had the magical ratio. Scientists believe that wide hips symbolize improved health and fertility in a woman, which is why men inherently find the 0.7 ration appealing.
2. Wearing red
Ever wondered why so much of the sexy lingerie in stores is usually red? Well, turns out men love women in red and scientists can now explain why this may be.

A study conducted by psychologists at the University of Rochester investigated this infatuation men have with the color red. In their research, they found that men’s fascination with the color is not just the aphrodisiacal effect that’s been pushed on them by society – their love for red has deeper biological roots. Non-human primates like baboons and chimps redden significantly during ovulation, signaling to males that they are ready for mating. It’s been proven in the past that men often respond like animals when it comes to sex, and this study backs this up. In the sexual realm, men’s behavior and response can be predicted based on their animal instincts.
3. Being approachable
Women think way too hard about how to get men’s attention. The answer is quite simple – be approachable. Men are drawn to women who have a positive energy around them. When they see you laughing and smiling, they feel better about approaching you. If you look like you’re sad or angry then they’ll likely avoid you.

Looking a certain way will attract specific types of men. Believe it or not, a skin tight dress with heels does not allure all men; many would find you more appealing in a pair of jeans instead.
4. Wearing less makeup
There’s a misconception that men don’t really notice how much makeup you’re wearing. They do – and they don’t like it much.

Men find wearing too much makeup deceptive. According to them, women look better when they wear less of it. Makeup should enhance your features, not hide your face. Men like the feeling of your face when you’re being intimate; no one wants to feel like they’re making out with a clown.

Besides, one day they WILL see you without makeup (hopefully) and you’re going to want them to be able to recognize you without it.
5. Luscious Long Hair
Studies suggest that men find women with long luscious locks more attractive. Researchers believe that long hair can represent good health and is a sign of good breeding potential. Long hair adds a femininity in women which men find appealing.

Throughout history, long tresses have been considered one of the most notable features of beautiful women. Your hair has that smell that men love to sniff. They like being able to play and pull at it too.

Although today we have become more accepting of women donning different lengths of hair, long hair remains a desirable feature for most men.
6. Dressing well
Generally, men care about how you’re dressed. No matter how uninterested they may be to take you shopping, they want you to look good. Men appreciate a woman who puts in time in her appearance. This doesn’t mean she needs to be dressed in the most expensive dresses. She just needs to avoid looking sloppy. Being in sweatshirts and sneakers is fine, but don’t let it be the only type of clothes he sees you in. They love it when you put an effort into how you dress. It gives them the opportunity to gloat when you’re the reason people are turning heads but you’re holding their arm.

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