Can Books Change Your Life? Here Are the 9 Ways

Can Books Change Your Life? Here Are the 9 Ways

Good books have myriad benefits; they change the life of a person. There are several living examples of successful individuals who claimed that reading books had changed their life. Anna Quindlen- an American author, journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner – is one example among these success stories.

Books are the powerful devices created by men, which have the ability to mold your thoughts, views and change your life.

Those who have the habit of reading have probably gone through this renovation and transformation, while those who have not can probably gain insight from the following article.

Here are 9 ways that books change your life:

1. Improves your way of thinking

Books directly affect your way of thinking. When you read different books, in return, the author imparts his/her ideas through written words.

As you go on reading, you converse with an author, and you start to analyze, reason and argue with the author in your mind.

Sometimes you agree and sometimes disagree. This positive interaction alters and improves your way of thinking, and you learn to think about yourself rationally.

2. Improves your way of understanding

Good books are the secret of rare intellect.

Whenever you read a good book, a new door of understanding opens in your mind. And when you make it a habit of reading more and more books with new knowledge, you learn and gain experience more and more which allows in more light to cut your inner darkness.

You start to understand the rules of life in a better way; you will know the difference between right and wrong. With every new book, you learn a new character with a new orientation which refines your understanding in real life to assess the people.

3. Improves your memory

As an individual advances in age and grows old, he/ she is vulnerable to cognitive deficit, mainly memory loss or dementia. And it is a fact that nobody wants to be senile in his old age.

So don’t worry about it as scientific studies have explored the fact that reading more books delays the cognitive decline and strengthens the memory.

When we read a book (fiction, novel, story, etc.), we come across different characters and all of them have different nuances, orientations, aims, background, and plots that we try to learn and remember about everyone.

Every new exposure generates a new memory and creates a new imagination in the brain by creating a new synaptic connection. These new connections construct new memory. So keep stimulating your brain with its exposure to new stuff in books.

4. Improves your focus

It’s evident that half of the working population suffers from the problem of mind-wandering on their job, which leads to wastage of time and energy.

They have poor ability to focus and concentrate on their task because they are involved in checking tweets, emails, chatboxes and smart phones.

Moreover, ADHD/ ADD behavioral problems are also the cause of poor concentration. Book reading improves your focus. When you read a book of your interest, the author communicates with you and keep you focused on the lines. This activity keeps your mind from wandering, improves brain function and prolongs the discussion.

5. Improves your imagination

Just like physical exercise improves and shapes our muscular body, book reading is an exercise for our mind which stimulates and develops our imaginations and creativity.

When you go through a book, it stimulates your mind, and your mind creates a scenery before your eyes, and you start to imagine things which were unknown before exposure to that book.

In the web of imaginations, you try to find new answers and solutions by linking different things you know with the actions and results of the characters in the plot. In this way, you broaden your view, and outlook and the sky becomes your limit.

6. Improves your vocabulary

A good reader is a good writer as well as a good speaker. Book reading lets us repeat the same words frequently, which enhances our vocabulary.

Expanded vocabulary is the power of a prolific writer and confident speaker. It gives you the confidence to express yourself effectively.

Sir Winston S. Churchill is the example. Frequent reading made him a well-spoken person, and later he became the prime minister of United Kingdom.

The more you read, the more you repeat the words, and the more you use quality words in writing and speaking. Even if you want to learn a new language, the best way is to read more books other than textbooks of that language.

7. Friend in need

When you love reading, books become your friend of solitude. You talk with your “friend” while reading, and it connects you with other friends.

But, always keep in mind that your first friend is the book through which you meet your new friends. All books are not your friend, and all are not necessary to read, as Sir Francis Bacon- English author and philosopher – said.

8. Prescription for depression treatment

It is a well-known fact that when an individual is tired of his hectic routine, he wants to give relaxation to his body. But when he reads a good novel, he always forgets about his stress, and his body gets relaxed.

This feature of reading is now used as a therapy for health problems, e.g., depression, mental disorders, and anxiety issues. In this regard, an article was published in The Sydney Morning Herald with title “Don’t pop a pill, read a book”.

In the article, the author has provided clinical evidence that novel therapy is effective for depression treatment.

9. Improves your “Self.”

Books are the architecture of your “self.” You introduce yourself to a new journey, new places, and new people every time while reading a new book.

With the passage of time, your way of critical and analytical thinking improves, your understanding of good and evil improves, and you become able to judge others in a refined way. Consequently, all these changes let you improve your “self.”


What exercise does for the body, reading a book does for the mind.  As the former invigorates, strengthens and preserves the physical health, the latter keeps one’s mind healthy, alive and vibrant. So make it a habit to read good books to explore and improve yourself.

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