Be True to You

Be True to You

In a world that’s intent on telling us how we should look/feel/act, it’s no wonder why so many fall victim to depression or suffer from low self worth. Whatever you believe about yourself, is true. Good or bad. Your perception is your reality. When you’re constantly seeking validation in others, you’ll always fall short. They will judge you based on their own flaws and fears. What they criticize about you is merely a reflection of themselves. Despite all the naysayers, you only need one yaysayer which is you. Learn how to be your own number one fan. Cheer yourself on and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Regardless of the obstacles faced, keep your head held high. Don’t be afraid to fail because it means you’ve tried. Remember: delayed doesn’t mean denied. Some losses are actually gains. In the end, be true to you and create the life you want to live. Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket because you’ll be locked out if they’re not around. Stand strong on your own. Put away the crutches. You can do it. If you haven’t heard it lately, I believe in you!

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