Bald is Beautiful

Bald is Beautiful

I lost all of my hair at age 2 due to an autoimmune condition called, Alopecia. It was extremely tough growing up hiding behind wigs, being bullied and teased all of the time and being told, ‘girls are pretty when they have hair’.

Until you’ve gone through it you don’t know what it’s truly like to lose your hair.

I turned to running after basketball season was over in college as a healthy way to compete and relieve my stress. I didn’t know running a marathon would be the stepping stone in changing my entire life and the way I view myself. Running taught me so much. I learned I was beautiful, strong, determined and truly felt like Super Women when I would race down the streets. I felt the most like ME. My goal was to run 27 marathons by the time I was 27 and I accomplished this goal last year and it still gives me the chills thinking of the race in San Diego.

I will never forget the hot 20 mile run day in my town of Charlotte 3 years ago where I ripped off my wig mid ru , tears in my eyes and I haven’t looked back since. I had always dreamed of getting to this moment and I finally did.

I had finally saw and felt like I was the person I was always meant to me. I truly looked at myself in the mirror for the first time (something I never did before) I saw beautiful green eyes, and a smile. I looked at myself and thought ‘I am beautiful’ and truly felt it.

I love being known as the bald Runner. I love my Alopecia and embracing it everyday. There is still a lot of challenges and people aren’t always the nicest but it’s made me stronger and taught me what matters. I choose to let my bald head shine everyday and I love it.

31 marathons later and I feel like I am just getting started.

Bald is beautiful!

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