Anger Management

Anger Management

Social problems are the constant concern of the Quran and it sets about addressing them. One of these problems is anger, a phenomenon which is in evidence in every society. In fact, wherever there are two person, there must also be provocation and anger. On this subject, the Quran gives a piece of guidance in chapter Al-Imran (The Family of Imran). Its translation is as follows: “For those who spend, both in prosperity and adversity, who restrain their anger and are forgiving towards their fellow men — God loves those who do good works.” (3:134)

In this verse the Quran does not say that a true believer is devoid of anger; it says instead that a true believer is one who is able to restrain his anger. So, the definition of a true believer is not one who is free of anger, but one who is able to control it.

Anger is not an evil in itself. It is a part of human nature. In fact, anger is a negative expression of a healthy aspect of human nature. Man is a sensitive animal endowed with intuition, and by his intuition he knows what is good and what is bad for him. So, it is but natural that when he sees some unprincipled behaviour, some immoral act, he becomes disturbed. But in such a situation, there are two options: to show a negative reaction or give a positive response.

Anger is a negative reaction. But a true believer is one who has the ability to give a positive response at that time. A negative response arises out of hate, whereas a positive response flows from love and compassion.

A true believer must develop compassion in that situation. He must try to reform his bad habits. A true believer must try to de-conditioning his conditioning.

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