5 Crucial Ways To Ease Your Stress

5 Crucial Ways To Ease Your Stress


In the pursuit of advancement and perfection in the human society, we expose our bodies to tremendous pressure. To cater to the ever-increasing demands of the world, we consistently put in increasing amount of energy that exceeds the average human capacity. With global competition at its highest peak, taking your foot off the pedal for just a few seconds would leave you trailing behind.

As we sacrifice other aspects of our personal life and adjust to the heightened expectations, it becomes crucial that we adopt various mechanisms to cope with the unprecedented amount of stress.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 75% of visits to the doctors are due to stress symptoms. It also highlights that inadequate stress management leads to a 40% increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, 25% increased the risk of heart attack and 50% increased the risk of stroke.

The Statistics Brain Research Institute also provides worrying statistics that shows 77% of the population experience physical symptoms caused by stress. 73% of them have also displayed psychological symptoms brought on by the onset of stress. Out of the whole population, 48% expressed that their stress levels have increased over the past 5 years.

Stress Buster!

Given the undeniable prevalence of stress in modern civilization, the necessity to be equipped with effective stress management techniques is more urgent than ever. The onset of stress not only affects work performances, but it also adversely changes the normal way of life.

One of the most common association with excessive stress is the inability to retain and retrieve memory. If you are familiar with this symptom, you would have realized the need to seek help in improving memory capacity. Fortunately, most of the treatment methods can effectively ease both of these symptoms.

The following potent methods have been thoroughly researching and backed by scientific evidence to efficiently ease stress symptoms and help you return to your normal way of life.

Relax, Take it Easy!

There are many ways to relax the mind and give it an extended period of peace. The broad range of this category allows you the luxury to make decisions based on your personal preferences. One of the most popular craze right now is the practice of yoga.

Other than helping to keep the body in shape, yoga poses also have the ability to calm the sense and relax the mind. As shown by the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica, yoga is an effective mind-body medicine.

The scientific literature acknowledges that yoga helps to increase blood circulation, enhance oxygen supply and modify hormone functions that are beneficial towards stabilizing the nervous system.

Another proven method to achieve a peaceful mind is meditation. Based on a study of 22 participants throughout a period of 3 months, researchers found that by performing meditation it competently reduces stress levels. The report was also able to conclude that meditation does not specifically ease symptoms of stress; rather it comprehensively helps to ease the symptoms of any mental disorder and allows the brain to return to its normal state.


Other than building valuable relationships, socializing also possesses the ability to cure the mind of any lingering disorders. A scientific article published in the Journal of College Counseling sampled 141 international students to help established the causation link between socialization and stress levels. At the end of the study, the authors discovered that not only does an effective social system act as an avenue for stress relief, it can also aid in reducing the symptoms of depression.

Another article published by the American Psychological Association also echoed similar findings. The article based its research on 5 different studies to compare the results on the association between socializing, companionship and stress.

When all the results are collated and put together, it became abundantly clear the socializing not only contributes to stress management, but it is beneficial to the emotional well-being of all individuals.

Music Therapy

Given the wide influence of the music industry, scientists have also successfully discovered that music therapy positively aids in reducing stress levels. The effects of music therapy are further magnified if you are a devoted music lover.

As a study in 2006 explains, the presence of music helps to restrict the effects of salivary cortisol, whereas, in moments of silence, this stressor continues to increase. Scientists have used salivary cortisol as a biomarker in stress researchers.

Health Supplements

If you are at the mercy of a hectic lifestyle and do not have the luxury of adopting the suggestions above, you can rely on health supplements to help you manage stress levels. The health industry is dominated by supplements, each with specific purposes to treat a variety of conditions and disorders.

With regards to the issue of stress relief, supplements like Addium can help to ease symptoms of stress relief quickly. Most of these health supplements also possess other benefits such as enhanced focus and increased cognitive performances.


The benefits of regular exercises have been widely publicized across various media outlets, and health professionals are also constantly preaching about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. While exercising can certainly help you stay in shape, it can also help to reduce stress levels.

As the physical body burns fats and builds muscles, it also increases production of endorphins. With a higher concentration of endorphins within the body, it creates a positive interaction with the neural system that helps to improve mood and alleviate mental stress.


The current conditions in the modern society are set up in such a way that everyone is susceptible to a certain degree of stress. While a decent level of stress can be good for the mind and body, excessive amounts of stress can have a detrimental effect. This gives rise to the importance of effective stress management and stress relief techniques.

Although the option of professional therapy is always present, it might not be a viable option for everyone. Suggested above are some of the most competent stress relief methods that can be tried out by anyone.

As these suggestions do not contain any side effects, individuals are not limited to only choosing one of the treatment methods. On the contrary, they are encouraged to take advantage of their liberty and try out all of the methods above to determine the treatment that suits them the most.


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