3 Tell Tale Signs of a Rogue Chemist

3 Tell Tale Signs of a Rogue Chemist

These days, when a person wants to purchase some drugs, the most convenient way is going to the internet and then searching for the chemist that offers the best deals. There is nothing wrong with this but you should be careful because the numbers of scams on the internet are always on the increase.

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There are some rogue pharmacies that simply want to sell drugs and make profits. However, drugs are not like shoes, electronics and other appliances that you can buy anytime and in any quantities that you wish. A discount chemist must adhere to the ethics and code of conduct of the pharmaceutical profession. How do you identify a rogue pharmacy? These are the factors that you should check for.

1. No requirement of prescription

A legit chemist will require that you produce doctor’s prescription before it can sell prescription-only medications to you. If you find the pharmacy that doesn’t mind whether you have or you don’t have a prescription that’s a red flag which shows that it could be legit.

2. Unknown location

To operate online, a pharmacy must have physical location somewhere. Although the laws relating to the practice of pharmacy may vary among the states and territories of Australia, generally, it is required that a pharmacy must be registered and must employ qualified persons to sell drugs to the public and must adhere to the pharmaceutical profession code of conduct. It must also have a physical address and location somewhere in Australia.

3. Unrealistically low prices

Unrealistically low prices should raise red flag that the pharmacy may be illegitimate.  Rogue chemists may sell counterfeit drugs at crazy affordable prices since it is not the real thing.

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