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    “When you’ve reached rock bottom, there’s only one way to go, and that’s up!” – Buster Moon 

    When I watched the movie “Sing”, all I know was that, this movie was for children. Something with a very low sense of sensitivity. Something that would just make a small kid smile. But all those things that I thought about the movie were just expectations that did not go beyond the real meaning of the movie. As I watched this, it caught my attention because this movie was about real life situations.

    One of the best quotes I loved in the said movie was the words said by Buster Moon. Buster Moon has a sincere love for showbiz, especially theater. After attending his first theatrical performance when he was only six years old, he was inspired to one day own his own theater and make his career in showbusiness as a successful theater producer. Then, one day everything went wrong. He was about to evict from the building he was renting, he loses all the money he had, people around him were about to lose trust in him. With all those undertakings, he did not lose hope and his principle in life, “When you’ve reached rock bottom, there’s only one way to go, and that’s up!”.

    In many situations, we end up with failures. We thought that we can no longer find ways to redirect our lives and make a better one. We always saw failure as a wall that hinders us to move forward- some of us stop and some of us wants to go back. Persons with better mental and emotional health choose to go and made those failure as their tool to succeed. While those who choose to stop will remain sad and hopeless.

    The good thing about hitting the worst thing in our lives is that, we have more rooms to move up or forward. Whatever which way you choose, up or forward, they are both for the better. There is nothing wrong to fail. What makes it wrong is when we did not learn the lesson and choose to make yourselves believe that there is no other way but to become a looser.

    It is a challenge for us. The next time we hit the rock bottom, which way do you want to go? Moving forward or upward is not easy. Just take one step at a time. One day you will find out, you are far away from your failure.

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