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    Everyone loves to have a snack once in a while. However, when people put themselves on diets, they may not automatically think they can have healthy, good tasting foods to snack on when they feel hungry before or after a meal. The keto diet allows for some pretty good foods to snack on to curb hunger and keep the body in the state of ketosis to continue weight loss. You may not have to sacrifice some of your favorite snacks or find some new delicious foods to snack on.

    1.Seeds and Nuts:

    Nuts and seeds are really low in net carbs, but the carb amount does vary according to the different types. They are also high in fat, making them the perfect snack while on the keto diet. If they are eaten according to the serving size, they can offer numerous health benefits beyond being low carb. Healthline states nuts are high in fiber, which can make you feel full and curb your hunger. Eating nuts on a regular basis has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases.


    Avocados have become increasingly popular over the past few years because of their amazing health benefits. Many people enjoy the taste and versatility of this super fruit. Avocados are very high in fiber and potassium. It is believed that potassium can help the transition into a keto diet easier, making them a great choice for a snack that goes beyond just being keto-friendly.


    Most fruit has too many carbs to be a good choice for a snack on the keto diet, but berries seem to be the exception. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are all low in carbs. Raspberries and blackberries also contain just as much fiber as they do digestible carbs. Berries are also full of antioxidants, which help protect the body against diseases.


    There are keto-approved shakes to have as a snack that comes in tasty flavors, such as the ones from Konscious Keto. These shakes come in the flavors chocolate and strawberry. It makes a great snack that can curb your hunger for hours. It also can satisfy your cravings for sweets without sacrificing the progress you’ve made on your diet. It is very quick and easy to make so you can have a tasty snack in no time.


    Besides delicious keto shakes, dark chocolate is an option to alleviate your cravings for sweet treats. Everyday Health explains small amounts of dark chocolate are good for your heart and may actually help you live longer. Like berries, they are an excellent source of antioxidants, so dark chocolate can help protect your body from diseases as well. It is important to note that dark chocolate with over 70% of cocoa solids is the type that is suitable to eat while on the keto diet and only a small amount.


    There are so many types of cheeses out there, and all of them are low-carb. This makes cheese a great option for a keto snack! Since there are so many different types, you can find your favorites to eat when you’re feeling hungry. String cheese is a great option for having a snack on the go, and there are also many other types of cheese that come in sticks to make having a snack more convenient. Like many of the other snacks listed, cheese is linked to many other health benefits than just being low-carb. It is also high in calcium and protein, which are very beneficial to the body.

    You Don’t Have to Give Up Great Snacks For Your Diet!

    Snacking can be simple and fun while on the keto diet. Many snacks require little to no preparation. Berries and cheese can just be eaten as they are. Keto shakes take just a little time to prepare but the taste is well worth it. Chocolate and the shakes can satisfy your cravings for sweet foods without messing up your diet, which makes sticking to a diet much more manageable.

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