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  • Alf

    Hi Guys,

    I would really want to see this world in a positive way. Would love to see what’s happening, happening for the best. But sometimes I forget this attitude and it really brings me to the ground zero. What will be the best way to control my emotions and stay focused and positive when things are not going to the way I want? There might be lots of documents or writing on the web but would love to hear something here.

    Stay positive and have a wonderful life.


  • Daryl

    My trust in the goodness of God. I may not see how He is helping me through the darkness but I know that He is there for me. Darkness cannot drive away the darkness. Only light can drive out darkness. MLK

  • Mahyao128

    Practice gratitude. Whenever you think about gratitude take a minute to give thanks for all you have or been given. When you find yourself in a negative outlook switch it to being in gratitude. Once you commit yourself to this practice you’ll find it’s almost an organic process whether it’s 5-10 minutes daily or 1 minute five times a day; you’ll be creating new neural pathways. And it is super easy. The mind embraces thoughts that are good for us.

  • Norah Wood

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