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    Meditation is a technique by which the brain fully receives its power. And when our mind completely attains power, we will not take much time to achieve success.

    1. Pranayam:

    The body needs to be clean before doing pranayama. It should be done in a place where there is no dust, smoke and stink. Pranayam practice should be empty stomach. It’s better to do this after bathing.

                   For pranayama, we should wear light and loose clothes. Now you sit back straight in a simple seat and close your eyes. Bring your right hand toward the head and place your index finger and middle finger between the eyeshob. And place the thumb of your right hand on one side of the nose and finger finger on the other side of the nose.

               Now press the right side of the nose with thumb and breathe slowly on the other side. And when you feel breathless, feel that breath. During pranayama, always breathe from the nose on one side and breathe in the nose on the other side. Repeat this procedure on the left side of the nose. During pranayama, breathing should be left slowly and smoothly. Always keep the eye closed during pranayam so that you can focus your breath.


    2. This second method is very important:

    If you do it by the way I tell you, then your tension will be dispelled immediately. First of all, you sit in a chair or a table or a handy suitcase. Now open your two hands on your knees. And you see the environment around you, feel it. Now you have to repeat your full name with your mind.

              Take the breath slowly and repeat your full name. Give complete attention to your name. Then remove surname from your name only take your name. Take your name in your mind.

             Now remove your name after one minute and say “I AM” in place of your name. You should take complete care of what you are saying. Then you will find that he is changing the word “am”. Then keep repeating the mind and mind again. Then change it into it.

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