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  • Jason Dowing

    Heya guys,

    So today there was an interesting and scary post on the FB page about 10 signs he’s a jealous man. Lot’s of people rightfully saying avoid, ugh, judgement etc etc. But what if you are someone suffering from insecurity? Like me. Not all the options applied to me, some of them were insane, but I realise that many do apply to me and it is certainly affecting our marriage. I am admitting my faults here, I am reaching out to friends and indeed strangers on the internet for advice and asking, how do I stop the worry and anxiety? I’ve been to docs, am on my 7th day of anti-depressants, on a waiting list for CBT therapy, trying to find the time to meditate and want to stop feeling like this. I’ve always been insecure to some degree but this last year has just been shit, especially for her. I don’t know how to let go of little things, obsess over anything and panic over all sorts. I’ve convinced myself of all sorts and don’t know where to turn.

    Any advice?

  • sturiidge

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  • sallygreen

    Jealousy and insecurity always have deeper reasons. Try to look into yourself to understand causes.

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