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    Recently, we started noticing more and more celebrities announcing their use of weighted blankets. In the past year, they were featured in several “must have holiday gifts” lists and recognized as great invention of 2018.

    This new “trend” that had gained enormous popularity in quite a short period of time is not just another fad that started with Kardashian’s featuring it on social media. Although they helped the weighted blanket reach the peak of its popularity, this invention has been around for quite long.

    If social media influenced your decision in buying a gravity blanket, first, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept, and the uses of the blanket.


    <h2>What is a Gravity blanket?</h2>

    Resembling a regular one, a gravity blanket uses the weight of small beads integrated inside the fabric in order to weight more. The blanket can be made out of different fabrics and the beads are made out of plastic or glass.

    The use of the gravity blanket is known to date back from the mid-20th century. Starting as a therapeutic tool for easing the symptoms of severe disorders in children, it slowly entered in the regular use of the acute psychiatry. Moreover, it is commonly used in patients with anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, post-traumatic disorder, sensory sensitivity and more.

    <h2>How does it Work?</h2>

    A gravity blanket, also known as a weighted blanket, is supposed to weight 10-12 percent of the person’s body weight. The additional weight is proven to stimulate the nervous system. Performing the so-called deep touch pressure (DPT) the gravity blanket stimulates changes in the nervous system.

    Similar to a human hug, the pressure of the weighted blanket stimulates hormone secretion. Those are the hormones of the “happy” state – endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. They promote feelings of relaxation, calmness, satisfaction, protection, and sleep.

    <h2>Who can benefit the Use of a Gravity Blanket?</h2>

    The entrance of the gravity blanket in the mainstream use is due to the increased number of people suffering from insomnia, stress and anxiety issues. The DTP that the gravity blanket stimulates when used is beneficial for:

    <h3>1.People that suffer from insomnia:</h3>

    As mentioned before, the DTP triggers the secretion of the hormones serotonin and dopamine. They play a role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Serotonin is responsible for increasing the levels of melatonin – the neurotransmitter that will instantly put you to sleep.

    <h3>2.People who suffer from stress and anxiety:</h3>

    People that are under constant stress and anxiety are stuck under the sympathetic system (high levels of cortisol and adrenalin). The DTP stimulates the nerve endings under the skin. They react with triggering the parasympathetic system to take over the body. The instant switch to rest and digest state means a release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. They promote the feeling of happiness, satisfaction, calmness and overall well-being. In long terms, your gravity blanket will regain the balance and you can more easily cope with stress and anxiety issues.

    <h3>3.People who suffer from depression:</h3>

    As explained above, the chemical reactions that occur in the body under the pressure of the gravity blanket are pretty powerful. If used regularly, the blanket can help with depression as it brings the body to the state of happiness and contentment. These chemicals are far more powerful than your worrisome thoughts.

    <h3>4.People that need better concentration and focus:</h3>

    Poor concentration and focus are most commonly a result of not getting enough sleep or a worrisome mind. As explained before, your gravity blanket can help you with sleeping problems and you will feel refreshed. That will lead to memory improvement and better concentration. If you use your blanket during reading a book, the relaxation and calmness that occur under the DTP will ease your mind and you can gain a better focus.

    So, is a Gravity Blanket worth Buying?

    Gravity blankets found on the market might be a little bit too expensive. However, for many people nowadays, everything that provides even the slightest chance of improving the sleep pattern or easing the stress and the common anxiety issues it is worth the money.

    Sleeping problems, stress, and anxiety can seriously affect the life quality of many people. They affect every aspect of the daily life preventing people from living their life to the fullest. On top of that, they can cause many other health issues.

    A 15 Ib weighted blanket is a natural and holistic approach to dealing with serious problems. It’s proven to be beneficial for people of all ages. It may not solve your problems completely but it can reduce many of the symptoms.

    Definitely worth trying!

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